07 January 2019

Jaunt to Jutland: Sæby

In this trip, we visited several small towns across Denmark. Sæby is the first such town we visited: it was on the way back from Skagen to Aalborg, and we decided to take the scenic route and drive off the highway. So we passed by this cute small town near the water, just south of Frederikshavn.

We parked our car on a side street in the old town, and just strolled around. There weren't plenty of people around, but the town was interesting to see nonetheless.

The whitewashed church is a major fixture in this small town. This church is quite old, dating from the 12th century. Around it are small orange-painted houses. Orange seems to be the colour theme of northern Denmark, as this hue can be seen in other villages and towns as well.

In any case, we strolled around the village and checked it out, though given it was a weekend and it was already getting late, things were rather quiet. When we had our fill of walking around, we headed back to the car, and drove all the way to Aalborg. It's time to go home and get some dinner.

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