03 January 2019

Jaunt to Jutland: Skagen and Råbjerg Mile

Well, this trip started with a hiccup. Our luggage didn't make it to Aalborg. We were standing by the luggage conveyor belt, when we both received a text message from KLM saying that our bag was delayed. So we walked out of the secure area and went to Customer Service and filed a lost luggage report. After finishing that, we picked up our rental car, and since we didn't have a bag, we figured there was no urgency to head to our B&B. So we drove northward instead, to the end of Denmark. Our destination was the town of Skagen.

Skagen is essentially the end of the road. It started as a fishing village in the Middle Ages. Now it's still a fishing village, but there's also style. There's plenty of restaurants that offer high-class dining, and very fresh seafood is served. In fact, that's the first thing we did: get lunch. After lunch, we headed to the end of the road, to Grenen.

There was a parking lot at the end of the road, and after that, we just walked. We walked all the way to the very end, until there was no more land. As the land tapered away, we saw water crashing from both sides, from the left and the right, and the waves rolling on top of each other. It really felt like the end of the road, and somehow, that was an interesting place to be in the end of September. The water was cold, and the wind was steadily blowing to our faces, while a lone seal was sunbathing nearby.

After spending some time in Skagen, we went back to the car and drove south. There's nowhere else to go from here except south. A few minutes away, we turned to a rural road to reach Råbjerg Mile, the largest moving sand dune in northern Europe. It was a bizarre place, reminding me of my experiences in Morocco, without the heat. Due to the wind, the dune moves in a northeastern direction, about 18 metres every year. In a few years, it will cover the road.

After Råbjerg Mile, we headed back to the car, cleaned our shoes, and drove further. Stay tuned.

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