08 March 2019

Jaunt to Jutland: Koldinghus

After 9 days, it was time to leave. So on Sunday morning, we checked out of our bed and breakfast in Ribe and drove again. The destination this time is Copenhagen Airport, but we have a full day to do so. Given that we were in Jutland, we needed to cross the whole country more or less, and since we had the whole day as our flight back home wasn't until the evening, we opted to pass by a few areas. Our first stop (and last stop in Jutland) was the town of Kolding, in order to check out the 13th century castle of Koldinghus.

The castle was founded by Christoffer I in 1268, but actually the oldest remaining part of the castle dates from the 15th century. There was a fire a few centuries ago, which is reflected in the way it is currently restored. There is a significant amount of new wall that is visually different from the rest, as seen in my photos below.

Nowadays, the castle functions as a museum, exhibiting royal furniture, as well as an exhibition space for various cultural initiatives.

The courtyard is slightly stark, and not so welcoming.

The Grand Hall is perhaps the largest room in the castle. It's not opulently designed, and felt rather cold. But of course I can imagine this place a little bit warmer when the castle was indeed still inhabited, unlike now.

The rest of the exhibits showed various artefacts of royal life, from fancy furniture, to exquisite silverware, to fancy dresses and costumes that even commoners like me could try on if I wanted to. I opted not to, but I saw quite a few adults doing so and having fun in the process.

Anyway, after spending the morning in Kolding, we moved on, and drove further, finally leaving Jutland. There is one more stop, however, so stay tuned.

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