17 December 2019

My Fourth Visit to Spain: Parque de Maria Luisa

If you search online for a picture of Seville, there's a high chance that you would stumble upon a panorama of the Plaza de España. This opulent and marvellous square is located smack in the middle of Parque de Maria Luisa. And yes, it definitely is photogenic.

This masterpiece of a building was built for the 1929 Exposicion Iberoamericana. It is made of bricks and tiles, and it depicts plenty of Spanish scenes, which are historical scenes from the various provinces of Spain.

You can wander and take your time exploring this park, but if you decide to leave and cross the road, you might end up in the Antigua Fabrica de Tabacos, which is a massive building, and as the name suggests, a former tobacco factory. If you know the story of Bizet's opera Carmen, then you'll realise that the title character has a connection with this building, as her workplace. It is now occupied by the University of Seville, and is open for the public to explore and wander around. I did exactly that, and felt like I was sent back to my university days, wandering through hallways searching for the room where my next lecture would be located.

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