30 March 2020

A Weekend in Amsterdam

Back in November, I felt like I wanted to get away from Berlin for a little bit. So I opted to do a quick getaway, this time to Amsterdam. I took a flight on Friday night after work, spent 3 nights, and went back to Berlin on Monday morning, directly heading from the airport to work. And I must say, it was fun!

I remember it was a stressful time at work. There were plenty of things to do, and I was even considering bringing some work-related stuff to Amsterdam in case my other colleagues needed my input. In any case, that turned out to be unnecessary, and I headed to the airport trying to forget work-related thoughts.

It was a short trip, but enjoyable nonetheless. I checked out the Rijksmuseum, which was under renovation the first time I went to Amsterdam. I spent an entire day in the museum, popping in the morning, popping out during lunch time, and popping back in the afternoon. That was my Saturday. And that evening, I also had a table reserved in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

On Sunday, I went to the waterfront, and checked out the Maritime Museum. I learned a lot about Dutch seafaring. And I also checked out other neighbourhoods of the city, including Jordaan, as well as the area north of the Central Station, which I crossed using the ferry.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend, and on Monday, I woke up early, took the train to the airport, and flew back to Berlin, heading directly to the office.

Pictures will follow, as always.

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