26 March 2020

Peru, 11 Years Later: Museo Marina Núñez del Prado

So, it's time to leave Peru and move on. I am back in Lima, and one of the last things I have checked out was the neighbourhood of San Isidro. In my previous post, I gave details about an archaeological site, and this time, I checked out a modern art museum, the Museo Marina Núñez del Prado.

This museum is set in a house, the house of Marina Núñez del Prado. She was born in Bolivia, but later on moved to Peru, and practised here art in Lima. This museum was her house and studio. And this was also the last thing I saw in Lima before I caught a flight back to Europe.

Marina Núñez del Prado was an abstract sculptor. Her works are very fluid and free-flowing, and you definitely need a bit of your imagination when observing them. Her works are sometimes sensual, sometimes feminine, but in any case, very pleasant to the eyes.

While I was visiting the museum, there was a museum worker who took interest in me, and she initiated a chat and offered to walk me through the museum. With my broken Spanish, we somehow managed. In fact, I thought the information she gave me was actually quite enlightening, and she explained to me further what this museum was about. I learned a bit more, and appreciated the art more fully. Abstract art is after all not easy to comprehend, so if someone is there to explain what is going on, that would be better.

After visiting this museum, I headed out, and the next day, I headed to the airport and flew back to Berlin via Madrid. This wraps my second visit to Peru. It was fun, and after spending three weeks (in addition to the ten days I have spent 11 years before), I still haven't explored all the corners of this fascinating country. Heck, I still haven't been to the Amazon! Perhaps that'll be my next destination.

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