18 June 2020

Prancing Yet Again in Paris: Les jardins du Trianon

Of course, it would be surprising if a palace didn't have a garden. So yes, the Trianon palaces did have a garden surrounding them, and that was the last thing I checked before moving on to the other side of Versailles. There are interesting small structures here and there, and so I took some time to explore this area of the property.

These are structures that were built for Marie Antoinette. There's several buildings that were constructed so that Marie Antoinette could have a rustic retreat. I never imagined that one would need a place to retreat from the palace, when the palace already has plenty of rooms to hide into. But perhaps I just don't get royalty. In any case, Marie Antoinette had these buildings, cottages, and other structures at her disposal, whenever she felt the need to get away.

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