14 September 2020

A Weekend in Hamburg: Elbphilharmonie

One of the highlights of our brief visit to Hamburg was the visit to the Elbphilharmonie. This fantastic building is in Hamburg's HafenCity, close to Speicherstadt. We wanted to check out its interior, so we bought a ticket for a self-guided tour of the concert halls.

The building opened in 2017. Before that, there was just this massive red brick warehouse, known as Kaispeicher A. It used to store cocoa and coffee. Then someone had the idea of building a concert hall on top of it, as well as convert the warehouse into a hotel. That's how it is used nowadays.

Because of the pandemic, they altered the interior route and made the building essentially a one-way street for visitors. Visitors would enter the large concert hall, and slowly follow the signs so that they would eventually see everything inside.

As I was checking out the building, I realised how modern and technologically-advanced this concert hall was. It has a very modern and yet beautiful interior, comparable to the Oslo Opera House. I made a mental note to go back here in Hamburg and watch a production when it is possible again.

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