05 September 2005


Labor Day today provided me with a chance to sleep late. I was up late at night overhauling my blog, I dunno what got over me, I just wanted to change bits and pieces, which actually lead to changing the whole appearance of the site. But it is still amateur, unlike others. PureMood's site for example, is superb.

So what did I actually change? I know, I should give credit to the people I got the ideas from. After all, I am a member of the academia, and I know what plagiarism is.

I changed the brown background to a calligraphy-inspired background. I changed the stationery of the posts. I also changed the overall fonts. I changed the colors of the links.

With regard to the add-ons, I added a video, for this time, it is Garbage's first single from their newest album. I got something for female rockers, remember?

I also made a 100 Things About Me list. Everyone does it nowadays so I won't mind jumping into the bandwagon.

Oh well, why am I getting myself busy over these things when I haven't finished my readings? Enough of this. I've got two posts in one day already. Very bad.


  1. It's a nice lay-out. Very relaxing, somehow.

  2. Hi!
    ...and thanks for visiting my blog.
    "100 facts about me" inspire me - perhaps I will do something like that...

  3. I'll post it here just to make absolutely sure you get it:

    Thanks to FuzzBuck for this one:


    The rest is easy.

  4. LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!! You did a great job! And I agree... PureMood's is definitely superb. Keep up the great work. Now off to read your 100...

  5. I like the new look, and that puremoods blog does look pretty sweet too. Goodjob.

  6. Hey - a change! I haven't had time to do my usual reading/comments... so I'm playing catch up incase you didn't notice! I like the new look! It's unique, too!

    Wow, I'm actually surprised you said my site was superb! Thank you, much. I appreciate the compliment and accept it (I'm not always good at accepting them).

    Anyway, I need to read your 100 too. Incase you didn't read mine, I have a list of 100 too.