05 January 2006

Tired Eyes

My eyes are tired. But my body is not. Yes, my eyes are tired. I feel it, I feel it warm, as if ready to pop out. Maybe it is because of too much reading. Or too much time facing the computer screen. Maybe a combination of both.

Vacation as it may be, it is not for me. Writing a qualifying paper can be tough. I am reading previous works on the topic I am working on, and it just drives me nuts. Tons of people are saying tons of different stuff about a single topic. But then, who am I to rant, when I am at the moment, attempting to do the same thing, say something about the topic?

I have about 12 more days to go until school starts again. I am excited. It brings me closer to my goal.

I have already ordered my books for the next semester. Good thing there is this tracking thing for UPS, I know where exactly my books are at the moment, since I ordered them online at Amazon, they left Lexington, KY at the morning of January 3, and as of 6:05 PM today, they left Middleburg Heights, OH. They are scheduled to arrive here tomorrow.

Tonight, I saw her again. She revealed her hair again, for the world to see, after hiding it for three weeks. Beautiful.

But immediately, my head kicks in.

I feel like having two personae in this one body.

Freud was right. But Pascal was right too.

I guess for tonight, Pascal wins.

Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaƮt pas.

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  1. Interesting entry:
    half intellectual, half romantic...perhaps you are in love with her??