06 April 2007

Another Assortment of Sorts

I finally finished the autobiographical book of a North Korean defector yesterday. I have to say it was very moving. It was a superb book, about a person who overcame all the odds to gain one's freedom. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

So there, I picked another book. This time, it is fiction, as usual. Remember Trainspotting? Well, the author of this book is the same author as that one. I wonder how this would be like.

I started analyzing the data that I am collecting from my experiments. It seems that the results are promising, which is good. I have already made an Excel sheet containing all the variances of the test stimuli.

I had one weird email which was sent to me by a professor here in the department. This professor works on a Mesoamerican language. Apparently, he is presenting at an incoming conference, and he will be presenting a paper on the temporal anaphora and tenselessness of this Mesoamerican language. If some of you may recall, these are some theoretical topics that I am interested in. So I get this email from him, saying that he would want to present a dry-run of his talk in the lab that my adviser conducts (and I am a member of). He asks me whether I would be free on either of two dates, because, he wants my input. I found that weird, and flattering. Here is a professor, working on a certain topic to which I am also interested in, and he wants my input to it, me being just a student. Is that acknowledgment of my work? In any case, I am delighted to offer "input", whatever that means.

Oh, one last thing, today was a surreal Thursday. It is April 5, and spring should be here. But guess what? We have snow today! And the temperature is just around freezing. Totally uncool.

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  1. "temporal anaphora and tenselessness of this Mesoamerican language"? Hehe... that sounds Greek to me, or even Cambodian. :) Seriously, I think that it's great that he wants your input. I would have be much honored if I were you.

    Snow! OMG! It's snowing there and we're sweltering in the heat in this part of the world!