14 April 2007

Two More Weeks

I seem to be counting days a lot recently. I still have about 5 weeks till Quito, 7 weeks till Manila, and plenty of other things that I count. And one more thing that stands out nowadays is that I still have 2 weeks till the end of the semester.

With that in mind, what are the developments in my horizon?

I've finished the norming experiment that I have been conducting for the past two weeks. From now on, I'll be designing the main experiment to be held in Manila based on the results of my norming experiment here. I already have data that have sufficient statistical power (oh I love that phrase, sufficient statistical power, it sounds so mind-boggling) and so this fact will then be incorporated in the experimental design for my main experiment.

I still have one paper to write, not counting my qualifying paper. I changed the topic from my original intended one, due to several reasons, one mainly being that it would be easier to do a paper that is not meta-theoretical and rather data-driven, due to the fact that the other types of data that I would be needing for the theory-driven paper is not so accessible, and I am pressed for time at the moment.

I have set up a medical appointment in ten days; I am meeting the doctor in the Travel Clinic, and he will see whether I will need to get a yellow fever shot for my travels this summer.

Earlier today, while I was in the shower, I noticed something in my body. I have two unaccounted bruises, one on my right arm, another on my right leg. I really cannot remember how I got them.

So that's what's happening in the life of the lifeform intended for nocturnal gratification, ultimate infiltration, and scientific troubleshooting. Oh hey, I have a new photo series for you, Niagara Falls in the Winter Series. This is a series of photos I took while visiting the famous Niagara Falls during Spring Break. As you can see, parts of the falls are frozen solid. Awesome.


  1. Wishing you really good luck with the rest of your studies and papers - I'll cross my fingers and toes for you LoL

    That pic was amazing - as a Norwegian I just love a spectacular winter view you know:-)

  2. I'm sure you are counting the days until you get back to Manila.

    The picture is amazing!