11 April 2007

Theft in Baldy

Some wonderfully good deeds happened in the department recently. The Linguistics Lounge was renovated due to the wonderful effort of the undergrads! Once was a bare window now has curtains! And there is a fish filled with fake cherries. And there is also carpeting!

So that's the good news. The bad news is, the other department, which shares the floor, namely, the School of Social Work, steals stuff from our lounge. I personally witnessed one yesterday.

I was inside the lounge, when a fat black lady walked in. By the way, I am not racist, I am a semanticist, and she simply happens to be a member of the set of fat entities and the set of black entities. So there goes this fat black lady, aka FBL, into the lounge, carrying a plate of pizza. She then scoots over to the shelf where there are paper plates and mugs, and then breaks open one of the paper plates, getting one plate in the process. I then initiated a conversation:

LIW: Excuse me, are you a member of the Linguistics Department?
FBL: No.
LIW: So what department are you from?
FBL: Social Work.
LIW: Oh, then your lounge is across the hall. This is the Linguistics Lounge.
FBL: Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. (At the same time, still trying to get one plate out).
LIW: You know what, we pay for these plates.
FBL: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Well, I was tired, I had a long day, and if you want an idea how long my day was, think of an assembly line of any certain factory.

But, I spent the next ten minutes gritting my teeth as to why I did not continue the conversation this way, because, after all, even if she said sorry a gazillion times, she still got the plate.

LIW: Well, you don't really mean what you say, don't you? Because if you do, then that plate is not leaving this room.


LIW: Hmm, I didn't realize that stealing other people's plates are also a part of social work.


LIW: Actions speak louder than words, you're not really sorry since you're still holding that blue plate.

Anyway, yeah, sometimes it is unfathomable what other human's behavior is like.

So, before I go, let me show you another one of my Lackawanna Basilica Series. This is part of the outside walkway. Oh, I am running out of pictures for this series, stay tuned for the next episode, ehem, I mean, photo series.


  1. The whole thing is, if it was like, engineering students I'd totally understand (in general, they have poor social skills), if it were math students I could understand as well...

    ...but it's social work...you know, the field where they teach their clients not to steal...come on!

    And if they steal the fish, it's war.

    - Matan

  2. hahaha ... nakakatuwa naman yun. Baka kung ako yun nabigwasan ko yung egay na yun.... sorry for the term .. hehe

  3. waah! nakakainis talaga mga ganyan. ako naman while we were waiting at the HK airport there was this indian lady who cut the line inside the ladies cr. bad trip! pati yung puti na nasa likod ko eh nakapagsalita ng bad words pero mahina lang boses nya. haay!