24 August 2007

Halfway Point

People have begun flocking back to the campus, starting yesterday. The buses had different routes to accommodate the students that are checking in their residence halls. One sees suitcases everywhere, and students and parents are flocking again to the buildings to see their students off to another year of schooling. The students will then remain in the city, and the parents will drive off to their hometown.

What the parents do not know is that once they leave their children to their dormitories and residence halls, the students let loose, like animals out of a cage.

Last night, we had the departmental annual Welcome Party, where people meet the new faces and see who is who in the department. I came, and brought with me my Thai Chicken Curry with Dried Apricots. It was a hit. People were raving about it, and several have asked for the recipe. I guess I couldn't hide my cooking talents. My pot was returned to me clean.

Anyway, after the party, the graduate students had an after party. We went downtown to get a drink and have a little bit of good time. It was fun. It was Thursday night, but while walking downtown, we saw plenty of flocks of young girls, probably just about 18 or 19, dressed very skimpily, and walking to the entertainment district of the city. For me, they seemed like they just got out of the shower. They were wearing dresses that were very revealing.

Do their parents know about this? Most probably not. Again, that's the thing that I don't like about the beginning of the year. People are already here, but there isn't anything to do yet, and so they flock out, and they act like animals released from their cages and ready to devour anything that catches their attention.

Anyway, classes begin this coming Monday, so things will get busy again. I realized that I am at the halfway-point of my graduate education right now. I already am done with 14 classes, I have ten remaining. I am working at a qualifying paper, and when this is done, I will be moving on to the dissertation. Wow. Time flies fast indeed. Two years ago, I was a new student, who knows nobody in the area. Now, I am one of the older students, organizing conferences and other administrative duties.

So, here I am, enjoying my last day of no classes, then this coming Monday, everything will be set into motion again. Ok, time for my Ecuadorian Flora Series again.

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