26 August 2007

It's Alive!

After the supposed low-point yesterday, I decided to fully exercise mind control, and convince myself that I have the energy to work and finish my research. Yesterday, I was a bit down, due to the fact that I have these sheets and sheets of Excel files, containing the results of my experiments. It's not that my experiments turned sour, but it's just that there seem to be too many numbers, too much than I can handle. I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of data that I had to play with.

Anyway, seeing those high-energy new graduate students set me in motion again. I don't need to slack off. Discipline it the key word.

So, here I am, printing my Excel sheets, and setting up an appointment with my adviser. I will show him what I have, and we will discuss what will be done as a next possible step.

I was looking at some of my pictures from my travels. It made me feel alive again. If I want to see more of the world, then I have to do well in my studies. That is the motivation.

Mind over matter, mind over matter.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. People will flock into the campus again. I don't have a class tomorrow, but I have a teaching assistantship class to attend to. All my classes are in Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We'll see how things go. In the meantime, enjoy another photo from my Ecuadorian Flora Series. I promise you that there won't be much more photos from this series.

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