30 April 2008

Crazy Weather

So, it is the end of April, and yet the weather is acting crazy here in Buffalo. Believe it or not, it is cold again, hovering a little bit above freezing. That sucks. In fact, for a few minutes, it even was snowing around noon. Crazy.

That's why some people are getting sick, since the bodies couldn't understand the change in the weather. The week before, it was all sunny and warm, but now, it is cold, and I am back to wearing my jacket again.

Anyway, that I believe, is the Buffalonian weather.

In other aspects of my life, I am currently preparing for my upcoming trip. I already printed my travel insurance policy, saved the emergency numbers, stored the airline hotlines, among others. I will be calling them soon later this week reconfirming my flight reservations. Good thing I am not a victim of the bankruptcy wave that affected a lot of airlines this past month.

So hopefully, the weather will be good on the day I depart. I am so excited to go to this vacation, since as I said earlier, this vacation took two years in planning. The political climate in Latin America already warmed, so Venezuela won't be declaring war against Colombia any time soon, and so my flights via Bogota won't be hurt. My hotels have all reconfirmed my reservations, and so I am good to go. I also contacted my friend in New York City, and so I will have overnight accommodations in the city since my flight for Bogota leaves early in the morning, prompting me to reserve a flight to New York City from Buffalo leaving the afternoon before.

So there, I am excited, and I am ready to leave. I will publish a trip report, of course, so just hang in there. I have my camera ready. With a two gigabyte memory chip.

On closing, stay tuned for this new series of pictures, taken in Watkins Glen, NY. I went here with a bunch of friends, and together with my camera, captured the beauty of this state park in the middle of New York State. Admire the wonderful rock formations that will follow.

(Opening View, from my Watkins Glen Series)

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