14 April 2008

With Pleasure Comes Pain

This weekend, I finished my qualifying paper, had a haircut, and spent some time in a friend's house to have game night.

I already blogged about finishing the draft for the qualifying paper yesterday, so I am going to talk about the other stuff today.

Game night was fun. We played Bananagrams, Kuuduk, and Clue. It was fun.

We also ate some very sweet concoction made by one of our friends. It consisted of apples, dumplings, Dr. Pepper, and a pound of butter. It is mixed somehow in a pan, and baked.

The resulting dessert is sweet, very sweet, and very good.

However, it made my stomach churn three hours later, so I paid the bathroom a visit at 3:00 AM and another one at 6:00 AM.

I guess it flushed the whole system. And it interrupted my sleep as well.

But from a larger perspective, isn't that what reality is? If one wants to enjoy something, in one way or another, one pays for it. If one wants a nice figure, they would have to be in pain, sweating and huffing and puffing, trying to exercise to attain that perfect figure.

If one wants to enjoy a sweet dessert that contains Dr. Pepper and a pound of butter, then one will have diarrhea later on.

(Glass Coral, from my Corning Glass Series)

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