13 April 2008

Magnus is Born

I decided to be unproductive today.

The main reason for that is because I was able to finish writing the first draft of my qualifying paper, yesterday.

Remember that I blogged earlier that I am a father-to-be, writing entries here, here, and here?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as of 5:57 PM yesterday, Magnus is born. He is a healthy, 50-page qualifying paper. I will furnish my adviser a copy this week. Hopefully, the revisions won't be that bad. Then, I will also furnish a copy to the second reader, and then I will repeat the process to the third reader. Once that is done, I will fill up a form that will certify that I am done with the MA phase of my program. I will then advance to the PhD phase.

Yay! I can finally say that I am really a PhD candidate. Once I am done with my qualifying paper, and my course work, then I am going to be an ABD (all but dissertation). The light at the end of the tunnel is getting near, and I am excited.

I also finished the previous novel I was reading. It was a page-turner indeed, but even though it was fiction, I don't think it was literature. It can be a good movie though. It kept me guessing who the murderer was up to the end.

So I returned that to the library, and I started on this new novel entitled Gifted, by Indian-born British author Nikita Lalwani. It is about an Indian immigrant family in Cardiff with a gifted daughter. The reviews aren't so good, so far, but heck, the cover looked fancy, so I picked it up from the library shelf. If I don't like it, I will still finish it, I am not known for leaving books un-read midway.

So there, I for once am not doing anything for a weekend. Relax, read a book, turn the radio full-blast, and stretch. Oh shoot, I forgot, I have to do laundry.

(Upside-down Glass Birds, from my Corning Glass Series)


  1. Good to see you on the road to your Phd! As much as I love studying, I stopped before that... I needed to get out of school!

    Of course, I then became a teacher. which defies the point but... :D

  2. Congratulations to the new father! :) I am excited for you! :)