13 November 2008

Post-Mortem Fiction

It is such a happy thing when one is already done with the semester's work when there are still 3 weeks left of the semester. I am already done with the two papers that I have to write for my two classes, and all that is left are a couple of presentations here and there, and that is it for me for this semester.

Some of my friends have been planning on freezing me, like cryogenics, so that I would stop and not work, but apparently, that plan has been foiled.

Anyway, I still have plenty of reading to do. I have a dissertation proposal to write up, and I need to dish that out within this academic year. And regarding that, I have been harvesting plenty of ideas.

This afternoon, I attended a cognitive science talk about the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis. It was rather interesting and impressive. I also had a chat with the speaker after his talk, and it actually gave me ideas on how to test my predictions and what experiments to run.

Speaking of experiments, I am reading a book on experimental syntax. The thing is, I will be a research assistant for a syntactician next semester, and the deal is that he takes care of the theory, I take care of the experimental design. It's empirical research, which indeed excites me, and I know how to do the stats, there isn't a problem with that, but I haven't applied statistics to syntax yet. So I am doing my background reading so I will have an idea on the works that this area produces.

Anyway, I am also reading a new book, entitled Ghost, by Alan Lightman. This is about a guy who starts working in a funeral home. So far, I like what I am reading. The last book I was reading, however, was interesting, interesting good and interesting bad. The thing is, the book is about a terminally ill woman, who dies. But instead of expiring, she just goes on living in another part of London. The book is entitled How the Dead Live by Will Self. Somehow, the premise was interesting, but the book was dragging. I suppose I found it unsustainable to the very end, that I dragged myself into finishing the book. It didn't sustain my interest, is what I am saying.

Anyway, so I returned that book to the library, and I moved on.

What else should I write about in this entry? Not much, except that the weather is getting a little colder every day. Winter is slowly creeping in, and the leaves are all gone now. Another year ends, and another year begins pretty soon.

(Wilhelmina, from my Arlington Cemetery Series)

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  1. I was trying to comment on your manifesto yesterday but couldn't find the comment link... still can't. Weird.

    Anyway, if you want to use the latest cryogenics tech, please come to Canada. We are world famous! :D