21 August 2009

Goodbye Seattle

So I have been here in Seattle for 3 nights now. And it is time to head down south.

Seattle is a lovely city that after spending a few days, I started to think and imagine what it would be like living here. The fact of the matter is, the city is not too big like New York City, so I do not feel like an ant whenever I am in the road. The people are friendly, and there are stuff around that one can get. I mean, just go to the Pike Place Market and satisfy your fix of fresh fish and produce. Heck, one can even get chocolate flavored pasta in there!

Anyway, so last Wednesday, I did the tourist hot spots: I visited the Seattle Art Museum, I visited the Experience Music Project and the Seattle Science Fiction Museum, and I climbed the Space Needle. After that, I also went to the Olympic Sculpture Park. I enjoyed the things I saw except for one thing, that it seems that the museums here do not allow you to take pictures at all, and that is disappointing.

For yesterday, I went to the University of Washington and strolled the whole campus. After that, I went to Gasworks Park, and then to the Fremont Troll. This time, the sights were free, and I could take pictures. It was also a lovely day for walking, but the sun was out, so I had sunscreen sprayed on my body. However, the humidity was essentially non-existent, so that was good.

I suppose vacation isn't always about seeing things. So in various different points of my walking regimen yesterday, I had brief periods in which I just found a shady place, and then I sat there and read my book. I finished a book I was reading yesterday, and given the fact that I cannot be without a book, I went to a bookstore and bought a new one.

I did another bar crawl yesterday night, given the fact that it is my last night here in town. We went to various different brewpubs again, and I was impressed with their beer again. Seattle definitely loves beer.

So yesterday, I explored the campus of the University of Washington. I visited the Linguistics and the Psychology departments. I didn't like the location of the Linguistics Department, since the building was rather convoluted and hard to navigate. I took a sneak peek at some offices of professors I read about before. The Psychology department on the other hand has a very swanky building. Maybe they have an opening whenever I graduate in a few years, since living here actually is a great experience I think. For one thing, when an airplane passes by above me, there are more varieties, unlike in Buffalo, when I see an airplane, and it's just one of the domestic airlines. Here, the airplanes are actually varied.

Anyway, I have to finish packing and check out. I'll be on a train this afternoon to Portland, and we'll see how that would go.

(Metal Symbolism, from my DC Memorials Series)


  1. Chocolate flavored pasta? I'm moving there!

    I have the feeling I would love the city but for the weather, which is very similar to the city I grew up in I heard.

  2. Zhu,

    Hehe. They have lots more stuff, both interesting and weird.

    Regarding the weather, the weather was perfect when I was there, but they do say that it rains 9 months in Seattle.