17 August 2009

On Hiatus

I am just writing a little note that I won't be around for the next week. I am leaving tomorrow on my vacation to the Pacific Northwest, and I am not going to be on regular Internet access. I am looking forward to this trip, especially since this means escaping the Buffalo humid heat.

I have finished my third draft. Yes, Carmie Burie is in her third incarnation. Hopefully, this makes my adviser happy, and busy at the same time, as he reads it while I am gone. So hopefully, when I get back, he'll have comments for it, and after fixing those, I will be able to turn a fourth draft for the other committee members to read. After that, they'll give me comments, and a fifth draft will be produced, in which I will be defending that as a dissertation proposal. Hopefully. When that happens, I will officially be an ABD.

Anyway, so I may or may not pop in here within the next week. In any case, I will return on August 25, with the intent that my brain is fully recharged.

(The Obelisk, from my DC Memorials Series)

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