19 February 2010

Classical Music and Idea Generation

I didn't realize how conducive it is to listen to classical music while working. Yesterday was just a very productive day that I decided to tune into the classical music Internet radio and work while listening to it.

And it turns out that Saint-Saens is an awesome accompaniment to work.

Speaking of work, I love this feeling of juggling projects with several people at a time. I have this to-do list of projects involving several people, and as long as they progress in a good fashion, I am good.

So, how are my projects coming along?

1) The dissertation (also known as my own show) is progressing to the point that I now have a grand theme, and I have a meeting with my adviser next Monday to see whether the three-course argument that I have with a running theme is feasible. After playing around with these ideas to the death, I believe that I am closer and closer to defending this proposal.

2) I have been collaborating with a fellow graduate student on an experimental project regarding relative clauses, and we are done with norming our experimental items. We actually normed it twice, because there were a few items that fell off after the norming. Now we are polishing the distractor items so that when we run the main experiment, people will not be able to strategize and manipulate the online behavior.

3) I also have a project with a fellow professor, and that is also moving forward. We now have an idea of what to test, and a design for a new experiment. I need to write some stimuli now in order to move this forward. Thus, here's another beginning for another reading time study.

4) I have another project in collaboration with yet another graduate student. We are thinking of a big project that would involve at least two conference presentations. One of the two papers that we are planning is already set up: we are working on enlarging the project and making it language-neutral and theory-driven.

Aside from the four active projects I have listed above, there are also two solo projects I have. These are small, and basically involve me rehashing my old term papers and beefing them up. I have the intent of presenting these papers in some conferences in the next year that I have already marked in my calendar. It is good to have a conference presentation, but it is better to have two presentations in one conference; it saves me airfare money if I get to have two publications for the price of one travel occasion.

Well, I guess that is the reason why I don't blog often nowadays. There's just plenty of things to do.

(The Lobby, from my Library of Congress Series)

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