01 April 2010


So, I haven't been blogging lately. I know, I've been busy. I am two weeks away from defending my proposal, and so that takes most of my time. I have four committee members, and that is a little tricky. But, things are moving.

I also am part of the group that is instrumental in establishing a subject pool for my department. The thing is, it is hard to do research for people who do lab-based linguistics. I have connections with the Psychology Department, but one goal that I and a few other people that are in my department want to accomplish is to establish our very own subject pool. We have tried, and there are some teething issues, that we are trying to iron out.

Anyway, I don't think there's much to blog about, so I will just leave you all with a rather interesting comic, as shown above, taken from PhDComics.com which nicely illustrates what inter-disciplinary research is about. I have experienced this first-hand. One caveat, however, is that unlike the pessimistic tone that the comic has, I do know where I belong.

(Morehead Information Center, from my University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Series)


  1. Heyy bro! Did you say that you haven't been blogging much lately? Oh well, I wonder what I should preface my next post with... :D

    I agree with your disagreement over the comic. That's nice to joke about but it is the reality, and that's why we are humans - our interests and curiosity takes us places. (This is coming from a chemical engineer + MBA in sustainability + who is working as financial planner in public sector - but every piece had a role to play.) hehehe.

  2. The comic really made me laugh. Even though I didn't take a master, I can relate to the dysfunction in universities.

  3. Priyank,

    Hehe, we have our different blogging rates. And given my typical blogging rate, my current performance is rather slow.


    Yes, you're right, there's plenty of dysfunction in universities. The thing is, there is just so many things that people need to deal with, especially with big projects, so things can go wrong in so many places.