12 May 2010

Stupidity, Whew!

So the latest season of The Amazing Race just concluded this past week. And I am glad that Brent and Caite did not win the race.

Well, between the two brother teams, I didn't have a preference. The cowboys were cool, and I like the fact that they were somehow always just breezing their way in the race. They were these two brothers who hasn't traveled around the world, and yet they get to do good on stuff that they normally won't do. I also didn't mind the other brother team, hey, there's something sappy about winning the race if that is your dream come true. And the fact that Dan actually hated traveling but did it just for his brother, that was kinda sweet.

But more importantly, I am glad that Brent and Caite did not win this race. That would have been really terrible.

I suppose it is because the cowboys were nice, and in this world, being nice doesn't always get you to where you want to go. I liked Dan and Jordan's tactic of requesting to be seated at first class when it mattered, although I have to say that there were times when I was thinking to myself that they should use their brains better, such as when they actually were powerless to find the Garden Bridge in Shanghai and waited for the next team to be released for help. They only won one leg for a first-place finish, and that was with the help of a Fast Forward, but when it mattered the most, they played the game well. The cowboys, I liked their game, but when it mattered the most, at the last leg of the game, they were too nice. They could easily have pushed Jordan away from the virtual-reality pad if they wanted to go forward.

Anyway, the thing that I am excited the most is the fact that Brent and Caite weren't the winners. After all, really, learn how to speak English first (I recommend starting with the proper use of the phrase such as). I could recall so many instances in which it was a dumb moment. Let me see what I can remember.

1) They didn't even know who Joan of Arc was. They thought it was the male character who took all those animals to the boat. Hey, that was Noah and his ark!

2) Brent doesn't seem to know the difference between unanimous and anonymous. The first word refers to a situation when everyone in a group has the same decision, while the second word refers to a situation where the identity of someone is not revealed. Learn your vocabulary.

3) They don't know geography well too. When they were in that one part in China that had plenty of canals, Brent was like, I feel like I am in Sicily. Really? Aren't you thinking of Venice instead? The last time I checked, Sicily is this rugged and mountainous island in the Mediterranean, while Venice has the intricate and famous canal system. I wouldn't want you to be my travel agent.

4) Don't think that you're smarter than the locals, just because they cannot understand you. Brent was giving directions to this cab driver, and obviously Brent does not speak Mandarin, so when he pronounces this place name and the driver doesn't understand, chances are it's because your pronunciation is weird, and not because the driver doesn't understand his own language.

So, I suppose the take-home message to this one is that before one goes racing the world, I suppose one needs to work on one's IQ first. Sorry, but I think this team's quest of proving the world their intelligence didn't pan out as well as they thought it would have.

(Botanical Garden, from my University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Series)

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