08 July 2010

The Syllabus

I have just finished constructing the syllabus for the class I am teaching. It was rather easy because I got materials for the class from a professor who taught it before. And this professor is very organized in his methods, so I just followed it and tailored according to my own preferences.

So I did the formatting, and put my personal information in there. I already selected a couple of hours a week to be my office hours. I selected time slots when I know my adviser and my other committee member would be in class, so that I can minimize the time in which we would have a schedule conflict. I also entered the class hours, the class meeting place, and all that. What is still undecided right now is the office hours and the office location of my teaching assistant, as he isn't in town yet, and he is a new graduate student.

I also drafted the schedule for the class. There is a total of fifteen weeks all in all in the semester, so I plotted all the days in which the class would be meeting, and erased the days in which there would be no classes, such as Labor Day for example. I also tried to schedule the various topics that the class would cover, and spread them throughout the semester.

I also entered the information about the reading material, and how the students would be able to get their hands into it. There are reading material that I need to put on course reserve in the library, and I still need to figure out how that works. Otherwise, the textbook information is already there, and so are all the other things that students need to know.

I have an idea how they would be graded: there will be homework, in-class exercises, and a final exam. This I think is the first time I am teaching a class in which I will be giving a final exam. It may or may not be fun, given that final exams are usually a week after the class ends, and people usually want to leave campus as soon as they can. So I am anticipating students to tell me that they want to take the exam earlier than scheduled. Fortunately, the professor who gave me his materials has dealt with that matter before.

So yeah, this is going well, and the next step would be to actually read the material and prepare myself for the teaching. I also need to see the final decision with respect to which teaching assistant I will be assigned: because if it is different from the person I assumed to be, then I need to change a little things here and there.

(The Flying Steps, from my Moray Series)

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