20 March 2011

The Coldest

Finally, it's getting warm. They say that this winter has been the coldest, and reports have said that Buffalo has never been this cold since 1905. I agree, November last year might have been an easy ride, with a relatively warm weather, but immediately after that, when December hit, things changed suddenly.

Anyway, I am glad that finally, the weather has been changing. We have seen quite a few thaws already, and that is actually a good thing. Last month, we had snow up to the very end of the month, and the last weekend was bizarre in the sense that we had been piled up with heavy snow then. Thus, I am glad that the temperature is back to above freezing again, so that I can start leaving my coat in my closet and just go out with a sweater or something similar.

So today officially begins Spring, and the Pagans are celebrating Ostara. I on the other hand simply like the fact that the weather is warm. I think that is worth celebrating already. It's times like these that I definitely feel that Buffalo's winters are long, and the springs are really short, but the summer after that is wonderfully awesome. It's time to get my camera out and take some pictures and make memories.

(Old One-Way Street, from my Cuzco's Colonial Structures Series)


  1. Yesterday was beautiful! It felt like spring, smelled like spring.

    And today it's snowing like crazy. Ugh. All the snow had melted and now we are having some more. You should see the size of the snowflakes, there are huuuge!

  2. Zhu,

    I know. This week is going to go cold again, when I already stopped wearing my winter coat and am now only using a jacket. Winter should go away soon, I already am so sick of it.

  3. It's getting warmer here in Moscow too... finally picking up my butt and walking to work. :)

    I don't like what they call wet spring though... muddy and wet. I wish that what they call spring of light would come soon.

  4. Toe,

    Ah, I hate wet spring too. It rains, it's mushy, and wet. I want summer soon, but not too hot either.