07 June 2011

Toronto Tombs II: St. James Cemetery

The last time I went to Toronto, we visited two tombs. The first one was the Toronto Necropolis. After a detour in Cabbagetown, we headed to the St. James Cemetery. Like the first one, this is also a historic cemetery, where famous Canadians are buried.

The main anchor of this cemetery is the Chapel of St. James the Less. It is situated right at the entrance of the cemetery grounds. The two pictures above give an initial view to the structure.

It's a brick structure, situated on top of a hill. There's a plaque marking the historic building. Unfortunately, when we went there, the chapel was closed, and therefore I wasn't able to see how the interior looked like.

After taking pictures of the chapel, we wandered the grounds of the cemetery. And it seems that there are different motifs with respect to the things one can find and see in the cemetery. For example, there are benches that are found in random places inside.

There's also balls, spheres, and urns that have pieces of cloth draped on them.

There's also statues of women.

Of course, there's mausoleums as well.

Finally, there's the tombstones, found all over the place, and other ways of remembering the dead.


  1. I like the contrast between the dark tombstones and the green grass and nice weather. Cemeteries are not always creepy!

  2. Definitely not! We were lucky that the weather that time definitely cooperated!