16 September 2011

Cavorting in Chile: Viña del Mar

Yes folks, I am back. I just finished a trip in Greater Santiago, as there was a conference where I had to give a talk. As it was my first time in Chile, we figured that it would be a good idea to add a few days to see the sights as well. So, as a first of this series, I am blogging about Viña del Mar.

See, Viña del Mar is a seaside city, which is very close to Valparaíso (yes, we went there too, and a post about that is coming up). It only took us 15 minutes to go from there by microbus. Together, these two cities make up a very polarized opposite, with Valparaíso showing the gritty side of the Chilean coast, while Viña del Mar is where the glitzy people reside, with their high-rise condos, while watching tourists enjoy the beach in the south Pacific.

So, the following pictures just show a little slice of Viña del Mar as me and my camera saw it.

Among other things, I saw this one-legged seagull.

This is the Arab House.

Rocks feature a lot on the seaside of Viña del Mar, as the above and several other photos of mine attest to.

There's also pelicans!

See how close the high-rise buildings are?


  1. Oh, I miss the seaside...

    The skyline is pretty strange, a mix of old and new. Was it cold? People seem to have jackets.

  2. Zhu,

    Ah yes, it was a little cold, as after all, it was in the middle of the Southern hemisphere winter. However, that didn't prevent some people from wearing swimwear and actually entering the water!

  3. Great pics!!!
    Ahora siento que no podré echarle más la culpa a mi "cámara pequeña" por los problemas en mis fotos! :)
    Fue genial haberlos conocido! Y estoy muy feliz de que lo hallan pasado bien!! Muchos cariñossssssssssssss

  4. Kami,

    Hey there! It is definitely less about the quality of the camera and more about the setting and composition. And of course, there's a little post-touches that I have done here!

  5. :) mmmm Más cosas que agregar a mi lista de "cosas por hacer" luego que termine mi doctorado: Aprender un poco de fotografía.

    Se nota que te gusta y me alegra que tengas tiempo para dedicarle a otras cosas además del estudio.


  6. Kami,

    Hehe, photography is definitely a good distraction and hobby. I use it so I won't get crazy while in graduate school!

  7. Wow, my eyes got glued to the color of the sand - very golden yellow! Was this taken with the sun low on the horizon or it's just the natural color? If it's that close to the city, I'd go here next time I'm in Santiago. Nice set of photos!

  8. TNP,

    I think it's a little bit of both. It was close to being sunset, and the sand was really of a golden hue. Personally, I loved the rock formations that dotted the shoreline.