03 November 2011

Cavorting in Chile: Basilica de la Merced

As with any Roman Catholic country, there were plenty of churches to visit in Santiago. I remember visiting at least three of them. One of them, however, stands out to my memory, and this is the Templo Basilica de la Merced. The thing is, we visited this church at night, after coming back from a restaurant. I think I especially liked the lighting and how this church glowed, given the night sky.

I don't have much to say about this church. All I know is that this is the church of the devotees belonging to the Merced order. But I have to say the exterior is awesome, in bright red paint, illuminated against the dark night.

The interior is also splendid. I loved the marble finish that they used, making the interior rather grand and palatial. In fact, I think this church is more grandiose compared to the Metropolitan Cathedral (which I will blog about soon).

As with any church, there's plenty of religious iconography and artwork that is present inside. The above two pictures are just a sampling.

So this is the first blog post about a church we have seen in Chile. There's more to come, so stay tuned.


  1. What a beautiful church! It looks festive with its brilliant colors. Great shots Jeruen!

  2. Toe,

    Thanks! I've been practicing with my photographic skills, so it's not bland or what not.

  3. Lovely night shots! You did a good job. It really shows the colours and the "mystic" side of it I find.

  4. Zhu,

    Thanks! I was glad that I took night photos of this church, as we went back one other day in the daytime, and it just looked blah, nothing compared to how it looked at night!