06 November 2011

Oh Buffalo: Allentown Historic District

If I had the choice, I probably would want to live in this neighborhood. The Allentown Historic District is one of the prettiest and funkiest parts of Buffalo. Designated as a local preservation district in 1978, it was included in the National Registry of Historic Places in 1980.

So what's in here? Well, there are interesting-looking houses, nice neighborhoods, a rather liberal atmosphere, and quirky and interesting people. There are interesting bars, restaurants, and other things that would make life more interesting. The other day, I actually found myself lost in a used bookstore, looking for books that I would want to read.

Anyway, enough of the talking. Let me show you pictures.

This is a lizard that I saw sticking on a wall outside of a house. It's rather cute and funky, if you ask me.

Houses in this neighborhood have an interesting color scheme: it seems that it's not your run of the mill residential neighborhood. People actually care about uniqueness and funkiness here.

There are larger buildings too. Most of the time, these are old mansions that are now transformed into smaller units. As you can see, people still maintain it so that it looks pretty.

These are just other pictures of what the neighborhood looks like. Overall, I think it is an awesome place to live. Too bad I'm already settled in my current place, and with one foot out the door, I don't think it is practical to pack up and move again unless I need to.


  1. Very cute and quirky indeed. Reminds me of when I was in Woodstock. With those colorful pastel houses, the residents must be interesting people as well.

  2. Toe,

    Yes, the residents are an interesting bunch. There's your young professionals, there's university professors, there's also the LGBT community. There's just plenty of diverse populations that reside here that I always find myself attracted to this neighborhood.

  3. Ah, some colours! Reminds me of some funky districts in Wellington, NZ. Paint your house to beat the winter blues should be mandatory!

  4. Zhu,

    That is a great idea! It definitely makes the winter scenery more interesting!