18 December 2011

Vegetarianism and Self-Discipline

I've dabbled in vegetarianism before, and somehow, I have the desire to dabble in it again. However, there are times when I am just so tired that I don't want to think at all with respect to what I eat, and therefore I just go ahead and cook meat, which is something I can do without thinking.

The thing is, I have this idea that vegetarian cooking is healthier, not necessarily, but at least there is the tendency. And so there is the aim to refrain from eating meat. However, sometimes, when I find myself in the supermarket, I think of what I will be making next, and sometimes, I just cannot think of something to make using just vegetables. I have to consult recipes, and most of the time, these are fancy schmancy recipes too. But when it comes to meat, I can just whip up something quick and easy based on previous data points.

Anyway, there is the desire. I do it on and off, but sometimes, I wish it were always on. I guess I need more motivation about this one than what I currently have.

(Flat Stone, from my Machu Picchu Series)


  1. As you probably know, this is something I've been dabbling in, too. And, I read somewhere that people eat the same 8-10 recipes (in various combinations with various changes) over and over again. And the something I was reading suggested to make the change to vegetarianism you just need to work on developing that regular set of recipes that you can use over and over again.

    Also, you are always welcome to raid my vegetarian cookbook/magazine collection to look for easy (non-fancy schmancy) recipes. :)

  2. That's actually a good idea. That's exactly the problem: I don't know my way around vegetables enough to be able to vary things around and do interesting things with them. You're right, this needs further research.

  3. What?? This is really funny! I have an exactly opposite reaction. Perhaps growing up as a vegetarian has programmed things into my head and I can cook without thinking at all. It's just a combination of some protein, some veggies and some grain isn't it?

    I remember buying chicken breast for the first time in 2009 and consulting numerous websites for recipes. It's so complicated, I still can't cook without being fully concentrated on it and I am generally paranoid about salmonella too.

  4. Puku,

    Of course! You'll get the opposite reaction, and yes, it's just a matter of cultural upbringing. You have more ideas in your brain about vegetarian cooking, which is useful if you want to be cavalier about it and not rely on recipes. I guess I should build my vegetarian repertoire more.