03 November 2012

New Shoes

The other day, I went shopping for shoes near Breitscheidplatz and Kurfürstendamm. I rarely go shopping; in fact, I only go when I really need a replacement. Well, the other day, I was walking, and noticed that my running shoes went kaputt. The sole of the left shoe was actually slowly getting detached from the rest of it. So I decided I need a new pair.

Uurgghh, I hate shopping, I should say that. Why is it not possible that I would simply just know where I would go, and then just go there, buy the thing, and that's it? Why is it not like grocery shopping? If I need bread, then I go to the bread aisle, and get a loaf. If I need juice, then I go to the juice aisle, and get a carton. But with shoes and clothes, no. There isn't a shoe aisle. Instead, there are stores with random things. There are boutique stores that have shoes and clothes. And one must check out all the stores and the shoes that are in them in order to determine what pleases one the most.

Sure, there are department stores, but there are also shoe stores. I ended up visiting 5 different stores and seeing what they have, and at the end of the fifth visit, I decided that five visits is enough, so I went back to the store where I found the one I liked the most, and bought a pair. I bought a pair of Asics running stability gel shoes. It cost me about a hundred Euros.

The thing is, I was debating whether I would get a good brand like Asics, or whether I would get an unknown brand for less the price. Now, come to think of it, my pair which I am replacing was also Asics, and I bought that in 2004. It lasted me for 8 years. So, I figured that if I am paying 100 EUR for this new pair, hopefully it will also last me 8 years, so in the end, I am paying 100 EUR for 8 years of use, boiling down to 12.50 EUR per year. I think that's a deal. I'd rather have a more expensive shoe but I know is good in quality, than a cheaper one but is not so good in quality, and in the end, will only be replaced after a couple of years or not even.

(A Pile of Rocks, from my Central Park Series)


  1. Shoes are always so expensive! I hate shopping for shoes, I don't know why some women are shoes-aholic, I just don't get it. Shoes are expensive, they break easily when you walk a lot and they are nothing special.


    1. Zhu,

      Haha, yes. In my case, I only have one shoe for every shoe type. One pair of running shoes, one pair of hiking shoes, one pair of leather, and so on. That I believe is more the exception than the norm. :-)