27 December 2012

Viva Java

Somehow it seems that I am on a coffee-kick lately. First, I attend a coffee tasting session, and now I play a coffee board game.

Yes, I play board games. For fun and distraction. Every other Thursday, I have a group that meets up for an evening of board games. When I was in graduate school, my circle of friends and I play board games every now and then. That was a very cool thing to do in order to purge one's head of academic stuff, which is needed every now and then for survival.

Anyway, somehow, by chance, I met some people here who are board game enthusiasts. I know someone who actually designs and reviews board games. So we meet at his house every other Thursday evening, after work.

This past Thursday, we played Viva Java, a coffee game. I usually do not review board games, as my interest in board games is not on par as theirs. For them, it is a real hobby: they have rooms full of board games. I just want to socialize and unwind.

However, this game was so complicated and had plenty of moving parts. Every turn cycle had multiple components. The objective is to be able to brew the perfect blend. And so players need to work together, gather beans in exotic countries, and try to blend and brew the best blend there is possible. We were 6 players, and it took us about 2.5 hours to finish the game.

Perhaps the only thing I wished was that we would repeat playing a game every now and then. Because every game for me so far is new, that it is hard to know how to strategize, for example, for the games that need strategy. However, the board game collection is just so immense that one can definitely play a new game every time we meet.

(Abstract, from my Art Institute of Chicago Series)


  1. I haven't played board games in ages! That's a great past time though. I didn't know that one.

    1. Zhu,

      Yes, it is a great past time indeed, especially when your playmates are also very in to the game!