25 December 2012

Coffee Tasting in Cafe CK

A couple of weeks ago, I joined a couple of friends in a coffee tasting session. It was a chance to meet the owner of Cafe CK in Prenzlauer Berg, and since this cafe was one where I haven't checked out yet, I was more than willing to join and see what this is about.

The owner, Cory, graciously gave us a little booklet where we can keep track of the coffees we drink; it allows one to tabulate how sweet the smell is, how salty it is, and so forth. Was it ground? How was it prepared? And so forth. It actually reminds me of my cheese tabulation project.

But I digress.

Anyway, we tried four different types of coffee. And yes, they were served using this fancy decanter-like bottle. We each had a glass, as well as another glass of water, and in the middle of the table is a glass jug to pour the remainder of the coffee.

Oh I learned so many things about coffee that evening. I learned that coffee apparently only grows in the high altitude areas of tropical countries. It cannot handle the winter, but it cannot grow in the flatlands either. Ethiopia apparently is the source of all the varieties of coffee grown around the world, due to human migration patterns. I also learned that the Indonesian kopi luwak or civet cat coffee is more of a gimmick and a novelty item, and it simply tastes bad.

I learned how to smell coffee. I also learned that if you order a latte macchiatto, you're pretty much buying just coffee-flavored milk. So yeah, somehow, I now have a different view of coffee. I realized that most people just don't pay attention to coffee; they just consume it without giving its full attention that is due to it, as they drink it on the way to work and on the go. They thus have no chance to smell it, enjoy it, and fully savor the flavor that comes out of that cup.

(Chirico, from my Art Institute of Chicago Series)


  1. I don't know anything when it comes to coffee, it's a "drug" I never developed an addiction for. Although some days, I wish I liked it, it would give me energy!

    1. Zhu,

      Me too. I am more a tea person, and though I do not hate coffee and drink it every now and then, I really didn't know much about it, so I decided to join. It was very educational!