17 February 2013

Grande Île, Strasbourg

Of course, when I visited Strasbourg, I didn't just see the Cathedral. I also saw other places. And yes, there is the Grande Île, the Old Town which is actually listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So we walked around, and I took pictures all over the place.

We started walking from the very avant-garde looking train station. It looked like a giant alien egg.

Here is a specimen of the Strasbourg police car.

We even checked out the interior of this church, the Eglise de Saint Pierre de Vieux.

After climbing the Strasbourg Cathedral, this was my lunch. Foie gras, paired with apple jelly, on baguette, and washed down with half a bottle of red wine. Good stuff.

These two shots above are taken from the square near the huge Cathedral. However, after that, we headed out and found Petite France, an area that is perfect for strolling and simply hanging out. There are plenty of wood-framed houses here, which is easily found in this area of France as well as southern Germany. If the weather were warmer, an ice cream would have been perfect. My next pictures all depict scenes from this area.

As you can see, there's water in many places. This is because this part of the Old Town has plenty of canals, and in fact, the Old Town is a small elliptical island surrounded by canals.

So yes, that was a pleasant visit to Strasbourg. It was in the middle of winter, but surprisingly, the weather was warm and there wasn't any snow at all!


  1. Love the houses, very typical of Eastern France.

  2. If you didn't say where this was taken, I'd just say this was in Amsterdam.
    Apparently, my canal experience is limited to that of Amsterdam only :)
    Really pretty neighborhood!

    1. TNP,

      Really? I think the wood-timbered houses would make it not look like Amsterdam. Amsterdam has these very tall and narrow houses; I think that's more the signature look, not the canals, but I might ba atypical though. :-P