31 July 2013

Cavorting in Catalonia: Teatre-Museu Dalí

When I was in Barcelona, I didn't just stay within the city. One day, I actually woke up early so that I can catch an early train to go to Figueres. This is a two-hour train ride heading north, and in fact, this town is closer to the French border than to Barcelona. The biggest reason to go here is that Salvador Dali has a huge museum here, after all, this is his hometown. So, I took the train that left around 7:20 AM, and got to Figueres in two hours.

That being said, I guess it wasn't early enough. When I got there, there were already plenty of other visitors lining up. Most of the other visitors were French schoolchildren on a field trip, I guess. These were perhaps people who were not old enough to appreciate art, and they were only there to joke around and be naughty. In fact, there was a time when one of the museum attendants threw a chair to the floor because the schoolchildren were just too rowdy. Anyway, enough of that. I am here to blog about the museum, not about the visitors.

The photos above are about the building. It's a very weird building, with giant eggs perched on top of the red structure. Well, I am not surprised: Dali is perhaps one of the most known surrealist painters of our time, and so it would only be appropriate for his museum to be surrealist as well. Photography is allowed inside the museum, as long as there is no flash.

The museum begins with the courtyard: this is perhaps where the piece I loved the most is located. There is this Cadillac right in the middle of the courtyard, and it is chained against the statue of a fat voluptuous woman. There are passengers inside the car, and some plants too. The thing is, this is an interactive piece: you can insert a 1 EUR coin and guess what? It would rain inside the car! How surreal is that?

There are plenty of other works of art inside: one other exhibit I liked was the large lady lips inside the room. The photos below show this. It looks like a weird piece of furniture, but if you climb up the platform, you would actually see the face of a girl.

Aside from these, I enjoyed the other pieces of art that I saw. Some were interactive, and you'd put in a coin and it will move or reveal something else. The pictures below just give a sampling of the things I saw that day.

Overall, I basically spent the whole morning in here. By the time I got out, it was time for lunch. I guess I was glad it was the case, as the French school visitors were really obnoxious. I went out and got lunch in a quiet cafe and then headed somewhere else, somewhere where I felt like I was the only visitor. It was a nice contrast. That will be my next post.


  1. Dali was quite a fascinating artist... such a vision!

    1. Zhu,

      Yes, he is one of my favorite artists ever since I first bumped into his works back when I was in middle school. Very radical and different!