09 July 2013

The Itchy Feet that Could

Up until last year, I would do this post where I would list my travel wishlist. Somehow, I don't feel like I need to do that this year. Why?

Maybe because I actually got a lifestyle upgrade (I am not a student anymore, and I now have a real job) and therefore I can increase my travel frequency to a level I am comfortable with. In fact, just this year, I have already increased my country count by visiting 6 new countries (Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, and Switzerland). Of course, that includes the countries I have been to for work-related purposes, but still, that is cool. And yes, Europe's network of low-cost airlines definitely help.

So, I guess I won't post pictures of places I want to go this year. I suppose Maslow's hierarchy is true. When you reach something, then you want to reach something else. And now, my travel wishes are slowly being granted, so I don't feel like I still would want to wish for more.

That being said, there are still plenty of places around the world that I want to visit, but somehow, in the back of my head, I feel like I will indeed reach them, sooner or later.

Anyway, last year, I posted pictures of 5 destinations, but I didn't actually say where they are exactly. Here are the answers.

  • Destination 1: Roraima, Venezuela
  • Destination 2: Huashan, China
  • Destination 3: Katahdin, ME
  • Destination 4: Kinabalu, Malaysia
  • Destination 5: Trolltunga, Norway

So there. Those were 5 different destinations which were all outdoors. Yeah, I am sort of itching for an outdoor experience. Germany (or at least the environs surrounding Berlin) is flat, so there isn't a good mountain to climb. I guess the last peak I have trekked was Mount San Antonio in southern California, and that was an awesome experience. I would like to repeat that one of these days.


  1. When I was a student myself, all I can think of were "first world" destinations, the usual European/North American cities Pinoys dream of visiting. Now that I've matured (I think haha!) all I can think of are places where I can get down and dirty.

    1. TNP,

      Haha, yes. You know, once you realize you can reach Barcelona or Berlin or London or Paris, then you go for the next tier. I always get reminded of this fact when I have friends who "do Europe" and visit 5 countries in 6 days or something like that. Sure, I know that flights can be expensive if you're not close, but still, I'd rather concentrate on a smaller area than fly all over the place and visit sights checklist-style.