25 January 2014


Good news, boys and girls, this summer I will be heading to Amsterdam!

Yes, I was just notified that an abstract I submitted jointly with a collaborator for a large conference that will be held this July was accepted. That means that I am co-convening a symposium in this conference. That is a first!

I actually have been to Amsterdam before. I spent a weekend there in January of last year. However, I didn't have favorable nor fond memories of the city. The weather sucked, my companion sucked, and it was just a bad trip. This time, I will be there in July, and I actually have a significant time there, as the conference is a week long. I will probably take the weekend and spend a few more days in the city. Or maybe I will head in a different city nearby for the weekend (Rotterdam maybe?). Anyway, I still have no concrete plans, all I know is that my name will be on the program of this upcoming conference.

Oh I am so excited. Somehow, when I get data points saying that there is actually a scientific committee that is interested in hearing about my research, then it just excites me. I suppose this is one of the reasons I decided to get a PhD. It's an ego thing. And this time, my ego brings me to Amsterdam.

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