11 April 2014


Good news, boys and girls, two months from now I will be in Pisa!

I was just notified through email that an abstract I submitted for consideration at a conference was accepted. This time, I am first author, which means that I will be the one delivering the talk. I have been to Italy before, but I haven't been to Pisa for conference purposes yet. This will be a first.

One thing that makes me excited for this one is the reviewers' comments. There were four reviewers that saw my abstract, and all the responses they gave were positive. They found my abstract very clear, describing experiment results that are interpretable and intriguing.

Another thing why I find myself excited about this conference is because I have been following this conference series for a while. The topic of the conference is of particular interest of mine, and I have seen calls of this conference series years before: I just didn't have appropriate material to present. This time, however, I do. So I wrote an abstract, and apparently it got in!

So there, the last time I was in Italy was in 2005, in Rome. It seems that I will be returning this year.


  1. Lucky you! Now that's a place I'd love to visit. Take pictures for me, please please please...?

    1. Zhu,

      I'd love to! I'd do it even without being asked, of course!