20 June 2014

Meandering in Malta: Old Town Valletta

Finally, I am posting about Valletta. Valletta is the miniature capital of Malta, but even though it is small, there's plenty of things captured within. This is the second-southernmost capital in the EU (only Nicosia in Cyprus is further south), and it is also definitely very small. In fact, I can walk from the city gates to the end of the peninsula in less than an hour.

Valletta definitely packs a lot of history within its city blocks. It also is a very hilly city, and it is by no means flat. It is situated on a long and thin peninsula sticking out of the island, making the geographical prominence very much a part of the view. In what follows, you'll see my pictures of the narrow streets, and the balconies that the buildings have, which is a typical feature of the architecture here in Valletta.

As you can see, things are not flat here. There are plenty of roads that turn into staircases, because it is too steep for cars to run. Buildings are also built high and thin, and the balconies are used to increase space in higher floors. And yes, the stereotypical limestone is ubiquitous here, used in other cities, as well as in the capital.

As you can see, Valletta is actually surrounded by the sea in three sides. You can walk the road hugging the shore and see the other peninsulas across the bays. The view is amazing, and strolling these areas during sunset is just amazingly wonderful.


  1. This set is probably the most "European" I have seen for Malta. The street pics could have been taken in Italy or France!

    1. Zhu,

      I know what you mean. This is the old city, after all. Most of my previous posts were outside the capital and therefore had a different vibe to it.