18 June 2014

Dinner Party!

Last month, I hosted a dinner party in our flat. It was small and intimate, and after the event, I think I am a fan of this format of socialization more than a big party.

See, for most of my friends, the typical socialization format is the party. Say, one has a birthday, or one is leaving town, or one moved to a new apartment, the immediate socialization format is one where a lot of people are invited, and everyone brings a dish to share. But I am not really a fan of this format. So I figured I'd do something else.

So when an opportunity presented itself, I invited a select few close friends. I invited a handful of people, but overall, only three people showed up, so there were only four of us. And because of the small number of guests, conversations were more intimate, and instead of small talk, people were actually getting to know each other better.

I made some roasted chicken, which I marinated with cinnamon, ginger, and other spices. Someone brought dessert, another one brought appetizers, and yet another one brought alcohol. It was a wonderful evening. After dinner, we played a couple of games, and we enjoyed ourselves to the point that two of the three guests even opted to spend the night with us. The morning after, we had breakfast. Overall, it was a very pleasant occasion.

I suppose I prefer that. Instead of large parties where you "invite" people who you don't even know sometimes, I prefer this format. And I think I'll stick to this, instead of holding a party in our flat.


  1. I like small gatherings too. I wish I could cook for people... I'm too shy to, I always think they wouldn't enjoy my food.