26 July 2014


Good news, boys and girls, next month I will be heading to Buffalo!

Honestly, I didn't expect to go back to Buffalo after just two years. I've spent a total of 7 years in Buffalo as a graduate student, and so I wasn't too inclined to go, given that there are plenty of other places that I have not been to yet, and are worth visiting for the first time. However, it turns out that my old department is hosting a conference this summer, and I had an abstract that was submitted. It also turns out that the abstract that was submitted got accepted. So I am heading back there, for a few days, this coming August!

I guess I am also excited. It means that I can see old friends who are still in the area. But it would also probably be interesting, since I don't live there anymore. I already booked a hotel to stay, and a flight ticket as well.

I am not the first author in this project, so that means I don't have a lot of preparations to do for this talk. That being said, I still am busy because of it. To be honest, since I am not the first author, I wasn't considering on going, but come on, this is in Buffalo, and I have friends there. If I can do a work trip (which means that I won't be paying for the travel costs), then why not, if I can see my friends at the same time?

So this summer seems to be travel-heavy. Unfortunately, the destinations aren't that exotic, but I am working on that.

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