19 August 2014

Richard Linklater's Boyhood

In one of those rare circumstances again, we opted to go to the theatre to watch a movie. I never really planned on watching a film, except that I heard of this film called Boyhood, and that it apparently took twelve years to make. Apparently, it covers the story of a boy, from when he was in first grade, until when he finishes high school and goes to college. And yes, they used just one actor to portray this character, and followed this character for twelve years.

That must have been an investment. I mean, how do you know that the actor will still be around for the next twelve years and still would want to act?

Anyway, since it was a film by Richard Linklater, and that I am a fan of his work due to the Before trilogy, we decided to watch it. And in my opinion, it was one of the best films I have seen, at least in the recent past.

See, it tells you the most regular and average story. It doesn't have any of the spectacular and high-profile Hollywood film devices: there aren't any disasters, there are no big explosions, there aren't any big displays of events. Rather, everything is normal, as it shows the life of a normal boy. There are ups and downs in their lives, but those aren't exaggeratedly up or down. It shows life, as we know it. And yet it was still made to be interesting.

I suggest that you watch this film; it's very captivating, and in my humble opinion, it is film more as art, not as simple entertainment.


  1. I wonder how they pick the actor and pitched the project. I wouldn't have liked starring in such a movie... it put pressure on a young kid to accomplish something great.

    1. Zhu,

      True, and it was a great risk too, what if the actor suddenly decides that he doesn't want to be an actor anymore? Anyhow, I heard that they tailored the script and pretty much wrote it as the years went by. So there was no strict storyline to follow from the very beginning.