12 September 2014

Closing my Facebook Account

A month ago, I mentioned that I minimized my Facebook use. Well, I was still thinking about that topic, and after some considerable deliberation, I have decided to close my Facebook account completely.

As I said before, the emotional contagion study bothered me a lot. And now, I think that using Facebook just created for me the illusion that I was keeping in touch with people from the past. But seriously, that wasn't actually the case. I was just browsing my News Feed and seeing all of these events from my "friends" but aside from that, there was no actual real communication going on.

So, I decided to erase my Facebook existence. And since I already have alternative places to do things that I used to do on Facebook, it was not a problem. I already use my blog to show my travel pictures. I already have email and use that to communicate with people. So Facebook just becomes redundant.

I find it interesting how non-straight-forward it is to delete one's profile. There is no obvious link on how to do it. You can easily deactivate your account, but deleting is a different manner. But it is possible.

And seriously, when I deleted it, I was still alive. The world kept spinning.

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