27 November 2014

One Photo a Day

I tend to impose personal projects on myself every now and then. I suppose that's just how I make my life interesting. In the past, I have hiked the entire length of the Berlin Wall, as well as improved my German. Since last October, I began another project of mine, which is to take a photo a day, for the whole year. Since I started it in October 1 last year, I ended it in September 30 of this year. You can see the photos yourself by clicking on the Flickr link found in the sidebar.

What did I learn in this experience? Well, somehow, I realized that finding something interesting enough to take a photo of is hard. Most of my photos were from my everyday surroundings. I also kept a database of the location of my photos, and found that of the 365 photos I took, 309 were taken in Germany, 16 in Italy, 14 in the USA, 7 in Malta, 7 in the Netherlands, 6 in the United Kingdom, 3 in Austria, 2 in Ireland, and 1 in San Marino. There were 9 countries altogether.

Zooming into Germany (after all, it's the country I took the most photos in), I took 297 photos in Berlin, while the rest were taken in random cities like Frankfurt, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Munich, Potsdam, Stralsund, and Strausberg. And if I look at streets, 24 photos were taken in Trautenaustrasse, which happens to be the street I live in here in Berlin.

Most of my photo's subjects are architecture, mostly because I find it hard to photograph people, especially those that I don't know. In fact, if a person shows in my photo, chances are I know that person. Oh well.

Anyway, I guess my motive why I did this was to see whether I could actually do it for one whole year. And it seems I can. I enjoyed it, it was a good exercise, and I think I am stopping after one year. I'll give my camera a rest for now, and I'll just reactivate my camera when I am out on holiday again.

Now I need a new project.


  1. I'm having a hard time sticking to these projects myself. I'd rather work around a theme, i.e. "food", "winter", a particular area, black and white rather than forcing myself to take a pic a day.

    1. Zhu,

      I can see that. The One Photo a Day project definitely took some commitment and effort, as I had to be constantly on the prowl for my shot daily. I was just curious to find out whether I had the energy for it to do it for a year.