24 April 2015

Meandering in Myanmar: The Temples of Bagan's Western Plain

Here are the rest of the pictures depicting other smaller temples in Bagan.

See, as much as the view is stunning, sometimes, it also gets too much. I had two full days in Bagan, and in the first day, where most of these pictures were taken, I just walked around from my hostel to the Western Plain, strolling along the dozens of temples that were reconstructed here.

Myanmar doesn't do a good job of reconstruction. As much as they are pretty, the reconstruction efforts are haphazard and not authentic, to the point that UNESCO refuses to give them World Heritage status. Most of the reconstructions are inaccurate, and was hastily done.

That being said, Bagan is stunning, and I would still recommend it to future potential visitors. It's not the most authentic monument, but it is breath-taking nonetheless.

So, it is time to move on. After Bagan, I took a five-hour minibus ride to Mandalay, which was my last city to visit in Myanmar before heading somewhere else.


  1. A five-hour minibus ride sounds hellish. I'm not a huge fan of minibuses!

    Anyway, good point about the reconstruction efforts. A few sites look "fake" in China as well.

    1. Zhu,

      Yes, the minibus ride was rather cramped, since there were plenty of travelers with big backpacks and yet there was no place to put luggage, so we were like packed sardines inside. But I think it was still better than the 9-hour train ride I did to go to southern Myanmar. :)