20 April 2015

Meandering in Myanmar: Thatbyinnyu Pahto in Bagan

There are plenty of temples in Bagan. Here's another one. And yes, this one is big.

This one is built sometime in the 12th century, during the reign of King Alaungsithu. It is one of the biggest temples in Bagan, and still commands a steady flow of visitors.

As you can see above in my pictures, it is white, unlike most other temples in Bagan, which are brown due to the bricks that were used in construction. This one is quite different. The walls are massive, and it peeks above other temples and greenery.

I spent a few moments here, as by this time, I think I started to feel some temple fatigue and therefore decided to move on.


  1. Just imagine the materials used for all these temples... crazy.

    1. Zhu,

      Oh definitely. I can imagine building these behemoth temples weren't easy, not to mention the labor used!