12 August 2015

Hobnobbing in the Holy Land: Tel Aviv Museum of Art

After spending 5 nights in Palestine, I headed back to Israel. I still had two nights left, before I was scheduled to fly back to Berlin. I was couchsurfing this time, and stayed with a friend of my partner's for two nights. The first day I spent just talking with him, discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which did me good, as I needed a bouncing board to process what I have seen back in Palestine. And the next day, I spent it just lounging around during the morning, and after that, I headed to the city for one last chance of sight-seeing. I went to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art for it. It was Shabbat, and I was glad that there are cultural centers like these that were open and were not following religious sentiments and closing their doors.

This is a museum that concentrates on modern art. Its collection of contemporary art is massive, as well as its collection of Israeli art. The pictures below show you what I have seen.

There were several other exhibitions, plenty of video exhibitions, and definitely many things that would interest the admirer of contemporary art. Perhaps this was a good way to end my visit to the Israel and Palestine. The day after, I headed to the airport, and flew back to Berlin.

Stay tuned for a new travelogue series!


  1. I'm catching up with the rest of your Israel trip tonight. I'm surprised the museum was open for Shabbat... were there many tourists visiting? What would be the most "famous" art piece in the museum?

    1. Zhu,

      Haha; I was also surprised as well. I thought that with Shabbat, everything closes. There were a bit of tourists, and definitely locals who were secular. After all, it's Tel Aviv and not Jerusalem.

      Regarding the most famous, I am not sure, as I am not really familiar with the art world to say one is famous and one is not. I have seen plenty of things made by artists I haven't heard before, plenty of them were definitely innovative and interesting, but I am not sure they were famous, only because I don't follow the art scene that much.