22 February 2016

Cerha, Kurtág, and Ligeti

Last month, I found myself in the Berliner Philharmoniker again, attending a late night concert. Usually, concerts begin at 20:00, but this time, we had tickets for a late night concert starting at 22:00, with no intermission. It's a concert by the Scharoun Ensemble Berlin, led by Matthias Pintscher. They performed three contemporary pieces, on occasion of Friedrich Cerha's and György Kurtág's 90th birthdays, as well as György Ligeti's 10th death anniversary.

The first piece was entitled Bruchstück, geträumt, by Friedrich Cerha. This piece is perhaps the piece that I liked the least. It is a very quiet piece, rarely goes beyond pianissimo, and is perhaps a very transient musical experience. While it was an interesting piece, I still cannot say it captivated me the way Georg Friedrich Hass' limited approximations did, when I heard that piece.

The second one is György Kurtág's Messages of the Late R. V. Troussova, written for soprano and ensemble. Claudia Barainsky was the soprano who delivered a very stunning performance. I especially liked the episode where her character had a fever, as her way of singing was definitely quite feverish.

Finally, György Ligeti's Chamber Concerto for 13 instrumentalists were performed. There were four movements, and I have to say that I loved the mechanistic third movement, where every instrument just has a different rhythm playing simultaneously. It sounds chaotic, but for some reason, it makes sense overall.

Again, I love the musical offerings here in Berlin. There are concerts for all tastes, not only the classical music that is easily palatable, but also the music that is more contemporary and not too user-friendly so to speak.

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