25 March 2016

The Thirst for Adventure

Last month, I was antsy. I was antsy because my partner had two trips out of town, in close proximity, and I on the other hand was just staying in Berlin. In fact, I was also getting antsy because I looked and I had no flight bookings for the upcoming months. It's rare, yes, but somehow, there isn't an upcoming trip and therefore there wasn't something I could look forward to.

I almost booked a flight somewhere, for a weekend, just to book a flight. But then, I restrained myself and stopped, because I figured that I would rather just stay put, and save money, so that later on when I do have the proper time and energy to do it, I would give myself a real vacation. A vacation that I really like, as opposed to one that I took just because I wanted to take a vacation out of Berlin.

I checked for a quick weekend flight from Berlin to Brussels. Less than 50 EUR! Maybe I could even take the train to Antwerp, since after all, I have spent quite a few days in Brussels already. I also checked flights to Gdansk, to Gothenburg, and to Porto, all for long weekends, just so that I could get out of Berlin for a few days and have a change of scenery. But in the end, I didn't go through with any of these plans.

See, it's not about the cost. These would all be low-cost trips, as I don't mind staying in hostels, AirBnb, or even Couchsurfing. However, the clincher and the main deciding factor was the fact that these places were pretty, yes, but not exotic enough.

I guess I just wanted an adventure, and while Europe is a great place to visit, the fact that I am living here makes things a little too vanilla, so to speak.

The last time I went on a trip that I considered an adventure was when I went to Morocco. That was back in September, and for the most part, that trip was with my partner. I want a solo adventure, a backpacking trip that is just by myself. The last time I took something like that was when I went to Myanmar, which was in December 2014. More than a year ago. So I guess I feel like it's about time I pack my backpack and go somewhere exciting.

So yeah, I am planning something. But not soon. There are other things that need to happen first. But of course, when I go, you'll see the pictures when I come back.


  1. I get antsy too, but distances being what they are in North America, I hate spending a lot of money to head to one of the usual cities, i.e. Montreal or Toronto. Anything further requires more time... and in this case, I'd rather go much much further than NY state or Quebec so I save money for longer and more exotic trips!

    1. Zhu,

      I know, cities in North America don't really have much difference from one another, there lacks the exoticism that different European cities have. You don't need a different language, the culture is broadly the same, and it is just hard to find different things within North America. I think I would have the same strategy as you have if I were living there.